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NaNoWriMo 2023
and the Kassel Special Challenge start in





Join the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) writing challenge! Draft your very own novel this November, whether by yourself or with a friend. From fan fiction about your favourite games and series to fantasy, sci-fi, manga, thrillers, and romance – you decide!

It’s your novel, your favourite genre, your plot…

Smart Climate Fiction & Solar Punk

This year, Future Space, Literaturhaus Kassel, and Smart Kassel have joined forces to set up a special writing challenge during NaNoWriMo: The Kassel Special Challenge. Everyone is welcome to take part, regardless of age! We are looking for visionary stories about a future genuinely worth living, where we have finally managed to resolve our toughest challenges and crises or are on the brink of doing so

In November, the annual National Novel Writing Month will take place for the 25th time. Over the years, NaNoWriMo has become a global phenomenon, providing the tools and support you need to write the first draft of your next novel. Many participants help each other reach the target word count of 50,000+ words.

Was passiert, wenn ich es nicht schaffe ?

Dann ist das auch ein Grund zu feiern 😀 . Du hast begonnen, Deine Ideen Plots und Charaktere zu finden oder hast sie ausgebaut – hast Deine Schreibmuskeln trainiert, vielleicht eine Kurzgeschichte dabei geschrieben, Material gesammelt oder bist auf einem guten Weg mit Deinem Roman….

November soll nur der Beginn sein – nicht das Ende.

We are delighted to be part of this year’s NaNoWrimo here in Kassel!

  •  Prep101 – preparation for November, live at Future Space and on YouTube

  • kick-off NaNoWriMo 2023

  • daily writers‘ café in November

  • Writing Buddies + Online Community

  • Weekly Writing Coach

  • „End of WriMo“ Party Nov 30th

  • selected readings from works created during NaNoWriMo at Palais Bellevue – 2nd half of December

Stories from a Future Worth Living

WriMo 2023 Kassel Special Challenge Smart Climate Fiction / Solarpunk

Stories about the future can inspire and motivate us, giving us hope and courage, and prompting us to take action. 

These stories pose questions and provide answers to our urgent challenges – they are often excellently well researched, ambitious, and daring!

How can we live together in the future? Will we be able to generate our own energy? How will we produce food and feed ourselves? What about artificial intelligence? How might we move from A to B? What is a smart – really smart – way to a regenerative, climate-enhancing, sustainable future? How about normal everyday life? And: what is happening in that future worth writing a novel about ?

Smart Climate Fiction
und Solar Punk ?

Climate fiction (cli-fi) is a sub-genre of science fiction, exploring climate scenarios. Dystopias, doomsday narratives, and catastrophes are common themes. We are looking for smart climate fiction where things take a more positive turn, and a smarter future becomes possible. Stories that inspire us, motivate us, and call for action.

Read Katharina Bruns‘ article on climate optimism in art and literature here.

Climate optimism in art and literature

by Katharina Bruns, hr

„The gloomy view of a dark future is countered by the solarpunk genre: on the net, you can find scenarios of the future, in both art and literature, which seem well worth living and might even be achievable.“ (Kathrin Bruns, HR)

How does the Kassel Special Challenge work?

October (Preptober):

1: Registration Wrimo 2023

You can register at or in the Young Writer’s Program at If you are a teacher, you can also open a class group there. By registering, you unlock your challenge badges and have access to the German, regional, and international community forums.

Optionally, you can register here in the Skill Club Network, blog/post, and collect extra XP (experience points). As we usually meet in person at Future Space and have our social network there, the network online has not been used so far – except for points 😀

2: Community, Impulse, MINT, Science Research

Future Space, Wilhelmstrasse 2, 34117 Kassel

Open 7 days a week free of charge for research, experiments, projects, and co-working. Ideal for background research and plausibility checks for science fiction, climate fiction, and solarpunk novels. Coaches available Mon-Fri.

KP, who set off on his final expedition this year, will be happy to show you around Future Space.

3. 25 October (autumn holidays) 15-18h, hybrid event: Prep101 – Preparing for November

 Future Space, Wilhelmstr. 2, 34117 Kassel, and live on our YouTube channel.

4: November 1st: Kick-off, NaNoWriMo 2023, live at Future Space + online – here we go

im Future Space, Wilhelmstrasse 2, Kassel Innenstadt
Schreibecken, die ihr nutzen könnt. Wir haben auch Lenovo Convertible Laptops da, falls ihr Schreibwerkzeug benötigt..

We are here for you!


Hybrid Allrounder


Biology & Genetics


Elektro Technik & Solar Spezialist


Physik, Coding


Mediengestaltung / Buch Cover




Klaus-Peter Haupt

Visionary genius, ardent initiator, and passionate revolutionary of educational landscapes.

KP departed on his final expedition when he passed away this spring. Although we miss him dreadfully, we feel his presence everywhere. He is our guiding light.



Nimmt selbst am WriMo mit einem Smart Climate Fiction Solar Hippie Roman teil, moderiert, initiiert + webtdesigned. Rolle: Druide
psst André, Kamera ist links von dir. Der andre Vogel



Super lange, super aktiv in Schreib Gruppen, auf dem NaNoWriMo, Summercamps, selbst Autor und in diesem Jahr mit einem Fantasy Roman-Projekt dabei und kann als Schreib Coach wertvolle Impulse geben.

pssst. Und Special Guests. bald mehr.



25. Okt

Prep101 – getting ready for November

How do I register for NaNoWriMo? Where can I find support and free tools? How do I create my idea for a novel, and develop a plot and characters in the process? What is the Kassel Special Challenge?

Live at Future Space and on our YouTube channel.

1. Nov

Opening Wrimo23

Writing rituals, tips for getting started, finding writing buddies, etc. At Future Space and live on our YouTube channel.


Future Space Writers Café

Writing (we have plenty of cosy spaces)

Sharing and reading aloud, supporting each other, Research. We have Lenovo convertible laptops and PCs.


Writing Coach

30. Nov

End of party

A celebration of writing and the stories created during NaNoWriMo

Di + Mi

Skill Club Special

The Skill Club designs scenes and environments from the novels in Minecraft or Roblox Designer as minigames, which are available as multiplayer. Double EXP points (400exp) awarded for successfully completing minigames.

XX. Dez

Palais Bellevue: presentation of written texts, plots, etc. + music