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Future Space Explorer

An expedition into the far future and present

Wednesdays from march-june 15-18h
Deutsch & English

  • We play No Man´s Sky as an international multiplayer expedition.

  • We build some mind blowing climate research bases on various planets and explore galactic space 10.000 years into the future.

  • We produce some very cool videos and watch our creations in VR while we hang out and have a good time

Psst, and we play a secret story expansion


since expedition start on April 4th 02023

point rules

  • Each monthly mission gets you 500 XP (Experience points) upon completion
  • Working on your project gets you 100 XP. Just for working on it on the day of your Futurespace visit
  • Your first time at FSE ? : 50 XP

Mission Control

the expedition PC bar

Spring 02023 Challenge

„Building your home base in a far future space“

Don´t worry – a creative media skill coach can help you along the way with your missions.
You don´t need experience, but you will get some for sure 😀

Mission 1
Build a Climate Research Base

screenshot: cyberhippies arctic climate research station

Gather a Team and create a climate research base on a planet of your liking. Your team gets a private social network workspace within the FSE network.

Upon completion unlock access to our VR glasses (Pico Neo 3 Link + Oculus Quest 2) and admire your base in Virtual Reality.

Mission 2
Produce a Base video Episode

photo: unlock acces to this video cutting station

Record and produce a Youtube Video of your research base as a Machinima or Let´s Play with details about your planet atmosphere, composition, fauna + flora

Upon completion of your first video scene testings on low spec PC´s unlock access to our Video Editing PC with Ultra Settings in Game, Nvidia® GeForce RTX 3060 and a professional Videoediting Software (DaVinci Resolve).

Mission 3:
Design a web page for your base + video

Base Infos, Screenshots and your Video designed as a cool webpage.

Points + Achievement

  • Each mission gets you 500 Exp (Experience points) upon completion
  • Working on your project on wednesdays gets you 100 Exp. Just for working on it.
  • If you complete all 3 missions you unlock the achievement „Master of all Missions“, level up to „Future Space Explorer LvL 10“ and  receive a surprise reward

Want to join the Future Space Explorer ?

register with an eMail to or register in person during our opening times (see bottom of page)

your expedition guides

KP in the future

KP is our chief scientist, a curious explorer and astronomy wizard.

KP in Futurespace


a Gamer since the 01980´s with 167.3 game hours on Steam in No Man´s Sky, who loves to be creative with media + games and tell stories. + he has a bird. In German it even makes more sense 😉

Find us here:

Wilhelmsstrasse 2 – 34117 Kassel

Minigame: On the map hit the – button until it´s greyed out and you see all the countries from which we welcome visitors to our Wednesdays International  Futurespace Afternoon.  But beware: the map is tricky and might try to mass with your navigation. Hit – enough and you´ll be fine.

or find us on one of
18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets
in the galaxy of No Man´s Sky

NO KIDDING – that many planets without loading times !! The power of procedural algorhithms. ahmm, and good luck finding us 😉