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fse project quest and development logbook launch month february 2023

Sprint Jam 4

Feb 22nd 02023 – 5h
  • Concept and design March Challenge with 3 missions
  • backend work on points and achievement system
  • Prepared Video Editing PC with No Man´s Sky on Max Ultra Settings and tested in-game recording

Sprint Jam 3

Feb 15th 02023 – 8h – today a double
  • Getting PC with NVDIA RTX 3060 updated to ensure No Man´s Sky can work on Ultra Settings for Mega quality Machinima Movies and Let´s Play Videos + full VR support /check can do 🙂
  • Updated Pico VR lens and tested connection to PC
    /failed cable missing + wlan 5 required. PC has no WLAN. Need cable and wlan adapter and yeah 🙂
  • First media skill trainings with guests. Game design tutoring for one who came to me and AR design on Hololens 2 within AR for another one
  • First Tester for No Man´s Sky – result: Minecraft, watch out. There was serious interest 😉
  • Relationships building up with  young international guests, trust level and curiousity for what´s going on and trying out.
  • began design of youth start page and took live photos with permission which will replace educational ressource which currently serves as start page – See here and in main menu above

Sprint Jam 2

Feb 08th 02023 – 4h

Social Network component installed, customized, extended and gamification elements implemented and tested. We now have the Network. See main menu + multilanguage capab. added –

Good time with the intern. guests next to me. Music and singing along while working and gaming. cool

Sprint Jam 1

Feb 1st 02023 – 4h

Website install, web design, temp. logo created, educational + project info page startpage finished