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Skill Club

  • XPand your skills

  • Team up or solo
    & embark on epic quests

  • Receive XPerience points, unlock achievements, lvl up

Skill Club

FSE Season 2.02023

  1. Weekly Skill Club
    Tuesdays between 13 and 18h
  2. Wednesdays

    International Chillout & Gaming afternoon with V.

  3. Save the Date

    EU Codeweek special

    October 02023
  4. NaNoWriMo Writing Challenge

    We focus on SCIENCE fiction, MINT Fiction, Climate Fiction. To be announced
    more info:

    November 02023
  5. Bring Novel Stories alive

    With animation, game design, video, illustrations and graphic design we bring the Story Novels of the NaNoWriMo alive in other media. Ever played your novel as a game or saw it illustrated with Midjourney AI or handcrafted ? Team up for a great mixed reality storyverse for the cold months of the year….

    December 02023
  6. The Last Saturday – Skilling, Chilling, Gaming

    next Sat´s: September 30th, October 28th, November 25th, end of the year special: December 30th
    Ambient Techno and Minimal Beats DJ

    Monthlay, every last saturday 14-18h

1. club membership

Your personal network and club ID card. Access to your portfolio, quest lists and groups. Treasure chest of your exp points, achievements and unlocks. Of cause it´s free of charge but not free of getting into action 😀

2. the quest coach & menu

What´s your passion ?

Choose from a variety of tasty quests. Video editing, game design, AR/VR, Webdesign, Climate sensing, cooking, writing….. our menu is rich. A coach assists you in finding your passion project.

3. working on quests

Found your favorite quest themes ? Then get startet coop or single. You receive Experience Points for simply working on your quests. +special boosts upon completion of milestones and awesome development results. Excellent failures get double bonus!! So, jump 😀

4. finish quests /next

I mean, come on. We all know that´s the hardest part. We can get lost or drop just another of our projects.

But hey, we have a supportive community of other Club members that know the same challenge and you have Coaches on your side if you choose to. That should work.

Recap Season 1 March-June 02023

Season 1 has been a spring time of building up the gaming and chill out community of trust, growing in numbers, wanting to hang out more together, taking a break from stress and educational agenda: boyz, girls and diverse from many countries.

Lot´s of Minecraft, Roblox and yipp, uhmm fritz coke 😉 …but also the guitar, the keyboards, xperiments + making music. Great talents here. That´s our fixed Wednesdays, now: season 1: The International Chill and Gaming Afternoon. Great result & success. Special Thanks to Victor (V) a 17y old young man, speaks russian, ukrainian, english and German, is a fantastic provider of minecraft multiplayer setups and is very supportive – especially for newcomers. Thx V 🙂 Great work

Season 2, the skill club launching this coming up summer holiday…

All Devices

Highscores Top 10

  1. #1 Missionlegolegende 700XP
  2. #2 HenryY 640XP
  3. #3 ichbindas_nicht 520XP
  4. #4 iiidjjjmmo 344XP
  5. #5 Felixheimer 298XP
  6. #6 artrum07a 295XP
  7. #7 Damian08 290XP
  8. #8 Kurt_from_the_Void 272XP
  9. #9 AcroniusX 263XP
  10. #10 poketrener 201XP

XP (eXperience Points)

point rules  September 2023

50 XP

for simply working on your project quest a bit on 1 day

125 XP

for milestones and epic fails

200 XP

for finishing your project quest (in multiplayer each player receives 200XP


For engaging and doing stuff in the network. Automatic realtime XP assignment.

Quest Board

A Quest is a passion project – a try & error adventure of fun exploration
— solo or as a multiplayer group —

Web Design

Design oder re-design websites with UIkit, Pagebuilder Pro + WordPress that stand out…

Game Design

Create your own game experiments with Roblox Designer, Spore GA, Unreal Engine 5 or create your Custom Minecraft Server…

Video Production

Record, Edit und Publish videos. Analog, Let´s Plays, Machinima, Mixed Reality….
Intro Lvl: Clip Champ > advanced > DaVinci Resolve

AR / VR Design

Design miXed Reality Experiences in Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality. On Oculus Quest 2, Hololens 2 or  Smartphones as a web app.

Climate Sensing Micro Controller

Build, program and install a climate sensing micro controller with our easy to use Senseboxes


Uh yes. Feeding our analog bodies helps the digital experience. Let´s get creative in our Foodturespace kitchen and create Tapas. Even grow our own sprouts.

Music Production

We have a range of Synthesizer & Keyboards. Ableton 11 pro


Fan Fiction, Blog articles, posts, stories, video scripts – if you love to write, find your theme…and write 🙂

Climate Sense Bot


Connect the Lego Boost Bot with a custom sensebox and optimize

Project Pizza

meta quest: cooking, video production, food photography, webpage design

Every Nerd loves Pizza. The fast all in one meal during digital quests. Create your own Pizza, handmade with custom ingredients. Find the perfect Flour. Observe the dough (also under a microscope). Create your perfect salsa. Toppings and YOUR name for your Pizza. Take great photos, document via Video, do a little food documentary, publish as webpage. Most important: EAT & Enjoy 🙂