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Skill Club

 @futurespace1, kassel

  • XPand your skills

  • Team up or solo
    & embark on epic quests
    in science, tec & media

  • Receive XPerience points, unlock achievements, lvl up

2024 I

  1. Weekly Media Skill Club
    Tuesdays between 14 – 17h
  2. Wednesdays

    International Chillout & Gaming afternoon with V.

  3. Title
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Highscore Top 10

  1. Kurt_from_the_Void 1,488XP Chief Master
  2. iiidjjjmmo 1,069XP Chief Master
  3. ichbindas_nicht 1,020XP Chief Master
  4. Missionlegolegende 900XP Best of the Rest
  5. HenryY 840XP Best of the Rest
  6. Cyberhippie 568XP Best of the Rest
  7. Felixheimer 510XP Best of the Rest
  8. artrum07a 495XP Best of the Rest
  9. Damian08 490XP Best of the Rest
  10. AcroniusX 463XP Best of the Rest

1. club membership

Your personal network and club ID card. Access to your portfolio, PC account at the bar, drinks, active quests.  Treasure chest of your exp points, achievements and unlocks. Of cause it´s free of charge but not free of getting into action 😀

2. the quest menu

What´s your passion ?

Choose from a variety of tasty quests in Science, Technology and Media

3. working on quests + coaches

Found your favorite quest themes ? Then get startet coop or single. You receive Experience Points for simply working on your quests. +special boosts upon completion of milestones and awesome development results. Excellent failures get double bonus!! So, jump 😀

All Devices

Quest Board

A Quest is a passion project – a try & error adventure of fun exploration
— solo or as a multiplayer group —

Game Design

Create your own game experiments with Roblox Designer, Spore GA, Unreal Engine 5 or create your Custom Minecraft Server…

Video, Stream & Podcast Production

Record, Edit und Publish videos. Analog, Let´s Plays, Machinima, Mixed Reality….
Intro Lvl: Clip Champ > advanced > DaVinci Resolve

AR / VR Design

Design miXed Reality Experiences in Virtual Reality and/or Augmented Reality. On Oculus Quest 2, Hololens 2 or  Smartphones as a web app.

Climate Sensing Micro Controller

Build, program and install a climate sensing micro controller with our easy to use Senseboxes

Music Production

We have a range of Synthesizer & Keyboards. Ableton 11 pro


Fan Fiction, Blog articles, posts, stories, video scripts – if you love to write, find your theme…and write 🙂

Climate Sense Bot


Connect the Lego Boost Bot with a custom sensebox and optimize

DNA Sequencing

Im Futurespace 1.1

Solar Grid Technology

Mondays with Phil

project decc

Data Science

Making sense of climate data with Pythons and AI

Futurespace Coaches

Wir sind an x Nachmittagen in der Woche für Euch da und begleiten Eure Projekte




Biologin und Genetikerin


Elektro & Solar Technik


Physik, Coding






MC Server Projekte


Klaus-Peter Haupt

Der Forscher-Geist, glühende Initiator und leidenschaftliche Revoluzzer in der Bildungslandschaft.


Video  & Podcast live streaming workshop

Damiro & Miss X.

10x Kurs am Dienstag zum media thema xyz